Sunday: Ladprao Remains Dry

According to the websites that purport to show which parts of the city and the surrounding countryside are flooded, Ladprao is under water – which is not, in fact, strictly speaking the case. It may be the case that the status is triggered by an incident somewhere in the region covered or it might just be a mistake.

In any case, Bangkok of course is subject to very localized weather (and probably water-related) phenomena. It might be raining overhead but, just down the road, it will be perfectly clear. The same is true when there are the normal, rain-caused floods: our soi tends to be one of the first to flood but if you can make it to the mouth of 62, then it is generally all OK. As far as I can tell, the same is happening all over the city. Areas which are suddenly affected, as Kasetsart University was yesterday, tend to be open, relatively flat places where the water can swiftly rage about, devouring whatever it may.

In other cases, there are breaches in the dikes or ‘human action’ causes a sudden opportunity for the water to enter. These provoke sporadic and mostly localized events, which may not be much comfort for local residents but helps explain what is happening.

Well, the first high tidep oint of the day has passed without undue incident – there is due to be another around 7ish tonight, which should be slightly lower. If we get past today and tomorrow, according to official reports, we may see things beginning to slacken off.

The big picture is that 381 people are now dead because of the floods nationwide and more will presumably die because of diseases and other misfortunes. Millions are homeless or have lost large proportions of their possessions, thousands face loss of their jobs after the industrial estates were flooded and all kinds of unforeseen results will be revealed in the months to come.

More if there is anything more to report.



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