Thank Heavens for the Jackboots

Wassana Nanuam, who is one of the precious few reasons I have not yet cancelled my subscription to the once-respectable Bangkok Post, has a hilarious story on the chief jackboots and the role in appearing in photos next to the flood. In serious tones, she depicts the valiant efforts of Army C-in-C Gen Prayuth Chan-Ocha who works so desperately hard for the safety of the Thai people purely from his own love and compassion that “Some days he has his meals at 2pm or even later because of his visits to flooded areas where he tries to help people affected by the inundation.”

No greater love for the Thai people can there be than an extravagantly rewarded man who sometimes does not get his lunch until 2 o’clock. Let us, as he clearly does, forget about all that “same old issue” (i.e. the malevolvent, cold-blooded, preplanned massacre of scores of pro-democracy demonstrators by heavily armed troops and assassin snipers).

The good general continues: “I want people to love soldiers, … Others have accused us of paying no attention to the flooding, or for coming out too late on this. I am saddened by such remarks.” And who would dream of contradicting such a heavily-armed psychopath (allegedly) with a massive entitlement complex and an advanced degree in self-righteousness (doubly allegedly)?

In other news, it remains incredibly hot but persistently dry out on the mean streets of Ladprao. If anything is likely to change before the (new) high tides on Saturday, I haven’t come across it. I’m thinking it is perhaps 50/50 whether we will get signfiicant flooding here (which I am defining as above an average of 50 cm of standing water).


One thought on “Thank Heavens for the Jackboots

  1. It’s great, both that people can make such comments with impunity (what’s your visa status) and that your feet are still dry.
    We heard that a family of 7 were all electrocuted when their house was flooded – so maybe you should switch off at the fuse box before retiring … just in case.The same source suggests that ‘they’ will switch off power to enire areas as water reaches them – so much for the pumps which my brother in law invested in (unless he was clever and got deisel).
    The crunch approaches. Good luck to all.

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