Floods in Inner Bangkok?

The PM has begun to talk about the possibility of water flooding central Bangkok (i.e. the business district around Silom and Sukhumvit) and mentioned the possibility of 10-150 cm of water, depending on the relative elevation of the area. If that area is flooded, then it means everywhere else will be too (well, there might be a few places that strike it lucky but it is probably not feasible to guess or work out where they will be).

The Nation is reporting that water is coming down the Viphawadi-Rangsit road towards the Lad Prao junction as of 6 this morning. How fast does it travel? Well, it is due to arrive any time between a couple of hours from now and 24 hours’ time. Then it will presumably begin to flow down the Ladprao Road itself – we had thought the water would come from the opposite direction, from around Ramkhamhaeng University area and the klong that goes behind The Mall – perhaps it will come that way too.

How much water will bring normal life to a halt? Most people seem to think 50 cm of standing water will be the limit – below that and it is possible to get about, at least short distances, although not very convenient. Above that and it will be a case of hanging around upstairs at home and waiting it out. We’ll see – looks like there will be no choice but to find out.

There are stories of food and water running out or at least running short. We have enough for several days but after that someone, me presumably, would have to go out and see what might be available – no doubt there will be some urgent thing which we have forgotten to buy in advance. Speaking of which, even before the water arrives, it has been expensive buying a load of stuff.


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