Flood Tonight?

It is being said that Lad Prao and Wangthonglang districts are being added to the flood list as of tonight and that another mass of water is threatening the dikes tonight. On Saturday and Sunday will be more high tides (again? I thought we just had them) and it is being projected that the Chao Phraya water level will reach 2.6m above sea level and the dikes are at 2.5m above sea level.

However, it is (as usual in Thailand) not clear what is really going on – there are many people (some the usual suspects, some newly emerged ‘experts’) who are being given space on the media to badmouth the government and thereby spread panic and discontent (preparing the way for another coup in the future).

I walked back from the office tonight, from Viphawadi-Rangsit Road to Ladprao (the heart of Bangkok, of course) and there were no signs of water (this was 5-6 pm). How quickly does the water move? I am not aware of any reports of floods in the Lad Prao vicinity beyond what I wrote about earlier today.

Let’s continue to hope for the best.


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