Sunday: Ladprao Still Dry

The water is expanding its hold on areas beyond the city protection wall and affected areas can, apparently, expect to be affected for up to 4-6 weeks.

Inside the protected area, we continue to survive. It is difficult to be sure about how much level of confidence to have because, 1. there are many people with a vested interest in spreading panic and anxiety; 2. the government does not want to say anything that might later be contradicted, 3. certain highly-placed are (as ever) using their position for their own ends and talking freely and (at times, it seems) without much forethought.

Meanwhile, people contine to make their preparations while also getting on with their lives as best they may. Market traders are starting to keep their stalls closed because (in the case of food) lack of supplies. Many 7-Eleven shops and similar have run out of goods to put on their shelves – especially bottled water, tinned food (sardines and the inevitable tuna), crisps and instant noodles.

Back to work tomorrow then – except that we have a holiday which is a substitution day for Rama V Day (which is today, presumably) so I will be at home. Dry, preferably.



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