Saturday Night beneath the Ladprao Palmtrees

Well, it is Saturday evening now and, although the waters are reported to be coming ever closer, we are still dry here in Ladprao. The death toll is reported to have risen to 356 and there was a report from Myanmar earlier that suggested some 170 or more deaths there (and probably a lot more, I expect).

The PM Yingluck Shinawatra has taken complete control now, using a clause from a 2007 law (i.e. one pushed throguh by the junta) and she is now accompanied by uniforms. Presumably (hopefully) that means the jackboots will now have to do their duty properly. Television continues to show military personnel tirelessly rescuing everybody, being heroes, eating three shredded wheat and so forth.

Again, we wait until the morning. The little girl’s classes have now been postponed until the 31st and I think our university will follow other schools in pushing back the next term for a fortnight. We have plenty of food (enough rice to last us until 2013 and enough plastic boxes to take us to the apocalypse, I could tell you the price …) and hope everyone else is OK.

The news is that flood conditions could continue for another six weeks. This cannot be a sustainable way to live and there will need to be some changes (and, I would hope, some hard questions directed to certain individuals who are supposed to have been doing something about all of this).


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