Still Dry at Ladprao 64

It is Friday evening now and although reports continue to come in about newly flooded areas, we are still dry at Ladprao 64 (incidentally – I spent the day at the office but there was no connection with the internet so I could not post before). Let’s see whether it is the same situation in the morning.

One of the most noticeable effects of the encroaching water is that thousands of people are parking their cars in safe areas rather than have them at risk at home. Apparently some expressways are clogged up with people who have parked on the hard shoulder and others who have parked in the outside lane – once one does it, everyone does it.

Madame has observed for several days that the Ministry car park upper levels are full of cars that have been left there for the duration – all government offices are now open for anyone to leave their cars but they should provide a note clearly identifying owner and a contact number. Yesterday we stopped at Big C+ (used to be Carrefour) and the upstairs level was completely choc-a-bloc and sealed off, with 95% of the downstairs areas also occupied.

One noticeable feature of Thai supermarkets is the people who are treating the place like a wholesaler, having identified some basic product which they can buy, mark up and sell in their own shops. Yesterday they were joined by the panic buyers – possibly they were buying in bulk in order to donate to flood victims at one of the many centres opened for just such a purpose.

It’s an ill wind: good times to be a food retailer or purveyor of eggs, tinned food, noodles and various things people would not ever dream of buying at any other time.



One thought on “Still Dry at Ladprao 64

  1. Glad to have news of deepest Ladprao–thank you–have been worried since that was close to my BKK home. Post when you can, please/

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