Economic Impact of Street Vending in Bangkok and Kunming: A Comparative Study

Announcing, after some delay: Anantarangsi, Sittichai and John Walsh, “Economic Impact of Street Vending in Bangkok and Kunming: A Comparative Study,” Journal of Global Management Research, Vol.6, No.2 (December, 2010), pp.23-8, available at:

Abstract: Kunming and Bangkok urban authorities are among those which consider street vendors to be a problem by hindering traffic and pedestrians, littering and failing to pay taxes. Yet street vendors are usually motivated by poverty and have powerful incentives to continue to search for income. This paper reports on research conducted on vendors in both cities with a view to understanding their nature and practices and identifying appropriate responses to their presence by urban authorities. Differences and similarities are found among the samples studied and recommendations are developed concerning urban management of street vendors. These recommendations are adjusted to meet the different ethnic, economic and sociological profiles of the two cities.

KEY-WORDS: Street Vendor, Selling, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Kunming, Bangkok.


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