SIU Graduation: First Batch of PhD Candidates Graduated

Today was graduation ceremony at SIU out at the main campus in Pathum Thani and, particularly important from my perspective, it was the first time that we were able to graduate PhD candidates – it has been, in one way or another, quite a struggle to get to where we are today with many people involved.

This is a view of the preparations from the fourth level of our award-winning, energy-saving, accoustic-enhancing main building at the undergraduate building:



I have never claimed to be very good at taking photos and most of the ones I took seem to be blurred, perhaps from my hands shaking or some other reason – I stood in fronot of one hundred and fifty million different cameras today while wearing the fancy dress and every single photo will be better than what I have, obviously. This is the banner:

We had 37 graudates in all this time and of those eight were successful PhD candidates and six of those mine from the School of Management. Congratulations go to Dr Nittana Southiseng and Dr Makararavy Ty below, Dr William Wall, Dr Sittichai Anantarangsi, Dr Pawana Techavimol and Dr Thavorn Thithongkam.





PhD Candidates included people from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and the USA. Graduates for other degrees included (forgive me if I forget anyone) people from Thailand, Burma [Myanmar, if you must], Vietnam and South Korea. Chung Songsen Nim is pictured below.


 Two honorary doctorates were also awarded and a good time was had by all – well, I hope so anyway, no doubt there are some with secret sorrows putting on a brave face. It is, nevertheless, gratifying to see that (despite some difficulties) we have continued working until this stage and that our efforts are being acknowledged by official bodies. No doubt more trials and tribulations will come but we are still in the ring and swinging.

University President (or Rector, as some say) Kittirat Na Ranong was in attendance – rumours continue that he will be called away to serve the nation and that we will begin once again the search for new leadership. Best wishes go with him if that is the case – much remains to be done to repair the image of Thailand in the world stage after the disastrous performance of the current incumbent and his green-shirted sponsors.


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