Case Studies Required

I posted the Call for Chapters yesterday for my new book project. I am looking for case studies that address issues surrounding changing organizational technologies and the workplace. Any industry or country can be used as the basis for the case study.

Most case studies focus on a single company and describe a situation of some kind of crisis or opportunity and provide information so that students can try to work out what is the right thing to do. However, there are many more different styles and structures that are possible. The nature of the form of the case study should be related to its purpose: is it a case that is going to be used in the classroom for extensive discussion by a group? Is it a case for self-study and reflection? Is it a case that provides some new ideas and information? Is it, frankly, just a way to get some extra mileage from research conducted for other purposes? Any of these possibilities can be acceptable if it is done well.

The book is due to be about 130-170,000 words long (which makes it about as long as one of the more extensive Harry Potter novels, I should think) so there is plenty of scope for case studies on a wide range of issues and styles. Please let me know if you are interested in contributing. I will be able to provide editorial support if required and I can also help out in suggesting ideas for research, sources of secondary data and so forth.

Email me at the usual place:


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